Sweet & Sexy: seven Finest Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

Sweet & Sexy: seven Finest Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

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All of it were only available in the fresh new later 1970s in the event the originator receive exactly how hard it actually was to find his partner lingerie.

Very, the guy authored his own type of horny rooms-wear and you may designed locations you to focused so you’re able to both men and women buyers exactly the same.

Therefore it is no surprise that each single among the Victoria’s Secret scents have something you should perform that have ethereal notice.

If we want to become angelic and you may sensitive and painful otherwise be slutty and you will dark, there can be a fragrance to you personally and you will probably see it towards the it greatest number.


It brings in your thoughts moving into the a new skirt into the a good sunshine-blue-sky time. It is flowery and an incredibly quite and you may sheer Victoria’s Secret fragrance.

You will find already 4 flankers, it is therefore probably one of the most prominent selection within their store. They all are from inside the comparable octagon-formed package with different colors.

When you should Don Bombshell: This is exactly wonderful for ladies of all ages to wear at all minutes. They practically complements things.

Extremely Horny

Extremely Horny was released in the early 2000s and recently repackaged with the an alternate cup package with the same sensual scent.

The latest bottles is as erotic since fragrance into the. The new deep reds have a tendency to prompt you of your sexiest colour of lipstick.

When to Don Really Slutty: This is exactly a spicy Victoria’s Secret aroma your wear towards the gorgeous schedules to the summer night. Use it when you dress in their hottest little dress.


The fresh musk deepens the brand new woody and you may floral nature from it. It’s supposed to evoke attitude of being because enchanting and you may celestial feeling of being in love.

The latest container interacts romance and you will supernatural beauty. The brand new basics of mug all take and you will reflect the fresh new white in a wonderful ways.


When you should Don Tease: That is proper one really wants to become such as slutty. Use it ahead of a hot time otherwise an enchanting night within the.

Eau So Sexy

Victoria’s Wonders circulated Eau Therefore Naughty inside 2014. It is an easy-to-wear fragrance as you are able to leave towards day long and you can be incredibly powerful and you will, sure, aroused!

The bergamot was a perfume you to definitely accumulates your self pheromones since paradise apple and you may chantilly solution create a nice innocence the lower.

This new container is also slutty which have a style off purity. The fresh light kids-green liquids regarding amazingly-formed bottles try emphasized with a good black colored bow.

When to Don Eau Thus Aroused: The latest fruity cards towards the natural bergamot get this to just the right informal Victoria’s Secret perfume.


In the end, Victoria’s Miracle revealed Smash Eau de- Parfum from inside the 2016. It is among their extremely fun fragrances to have more youthful female. It has sweet and you may light florals combined with just an impression off spicy peppercorns.

Spray it in your shoulder can make you feel flirty and you can fun with a bit of most pep in your step!

The brand new Crush package was good smidge impish as well. It offers the brand new trademarked Victoria’s Wonders Pink color that have a spherical lacy press ideal.

Exactly what are the different varieties of Victoria’s Miracle fragrances are available?

Victoria’s Secret have it all – body mists, lotions, and one another Eau de Parfums and you will Eau de- Toilettes. But what ‘s the distinction?

  • Eau de Parfum – healthier, less diluted fragrance with a more powerful scent
  • Eau de- Toilette – the fresh new fragrance is diluted much more liquor which have a white odor
  • Looks Mist – extremely diluted aroma. New aroma mist will not last for very long once you put it to the, means several programs.

If you are EDTs is listed straight down, you may need to incorporate a lot more of they to find the exact same feeling just like the EDPs.

How to find Discontinued Victoria’s Magic Fragrances

Victoria’s Wonders is renowned for discontinuing perfumes quite will. This is why too many on this list are from the latest previous four or five age.

You might most likely find abandoned scents on the internet. After you select a fragrance you like, stock up on it, and when it end promoting it.

How to decide on a Victoria’s Miracle Scent

One of the better a means to choose Victoria’s Wonders aroma is actually to walk in the regional store and you may shot him or her away. You almost need certainly to give them a go on your skin to know which you including the most useful.

Above all, remember that these types of odors should be active and flirtatious. Discover ones you to definitely improve your disposition and then make you feel incredible.

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